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My goal is for clarinet lessons to be the most convenient activity on your busy calendar! Students of the Grant Clarinet Studio have access to a live calendar to schedule make up lessons, access virtual resources, view lesson notes, and log practice time. Registered students may log in to their student portal here.

Clarinet Instructor

"Laura has the ability to meet the student where they are and guides them from there to excellence!"


Become A Reed Expert

All clarinetists benefit from reed expertise. Professional clarinetists find precision and students gain control. The Grant Clarinet Studio in Reston can help adjust pre-made reeds or create reeds entirely from scratch.

Advanced Clarinetists

Experienced clarinetists thrive with extra performance opportunities and an extensive studio sheet music library.

"She is always supportive and pushes me to be the best that I can be." -Student 

Adult Musicians

An adult musician returning to the clarinet or picking up the instrument for the first time gets more out of music with an ally. 

"Musicians are lifelong learners." -Student 

Beginning Clarinetists

Individual instruction from an enthusiastic

teacher makes music fun right from the beginning!

"...she makes lessons fun...our daughter always comes out with a huge smile on her face!" -Parent 

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Meet Laura Grant 

Welcome to the studio! My objective is to help clarinet students of all abilities reach their full potential. With over 20 years of teaching experience, I can help you learn practice techniques that ideally benefit the areas of development which need attention, giving you a customized approach to musical growth. Whether you're a beginner, an advanced clarinetist looking for more, an adult musician, or a parent seeking to help your student, lessons with clarinet teacher Laura Grant are the next step in your musical journey. 

Registered Students:​

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