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Laura Grant is an exceptional clarinet teacher. Every time my daughter comes out of her lesson she is smiling and happy...and I mean every time (and she is a teenager)! She has fun and enjoys her lessons tremendously! Laura is extremely knowledgeable, patient, honest, professional, organized and wise beyond her years. What makes Laura really special is her interest and caring about each individual student. She understands my daughter's personality and learning style and then she teaches her in a way that compliments those traits. Laura is very positive, calm, supportive and very open and accessible to questions from both students and parents. My daughter has made tremendous progress with Laura Grant's teaching and I know she will continue to excel. I am so very grateful that my daughter is able to study with Laura Grant, an amazing clarinet teacher of the finest caliber!
-Deb, parent of student, Fairfax VA​

I have been taking lessons from Ms. Grant since I moved to the area, and she has really helped me progress as a clarinet player. She is always supportive and pushes me to be the best that I can be; under her instruction, I've become first chair in my high school, made it into both the all-district and all-Virginia band, and completed the ABRSM grade 8 exam. Even though she teaches a range of ages, I feel that Ms. Grant understands how each student learns and best tailors her lessons accordingly. The studio is spacious and quiet, and it is always stocked full with all the resources a clarinet player needs. The vast music library means I continually have something new to learn and play, and Ms. Grant chooses the music she knows will suit me both musically and technically. I would thoroughly recommend Ms. Grant as a clarinet teacher!
-​Charlie, high school student, Vienna VA

Mrs. Grant always seems to understand a student's particular needs and is able to identify and focus on an area of technique or musical expression that requires special attention. Rather than using a one-size-fits all approach to teaching, she is willing to experiment with different techniques until finding one that works best for the student. As an adult student, I always feel she takes me as seriously as any of her young students. She has a gentle way of guiding students through the roughest transitions in clarinet study and working patiently to overcome the usual obstacles that could otherwise discourage further study. The studio is lovely and professional with no distractions during lesson time.
-Angela, adult student, Herndon VA​

I had the pleasure of taking lessons from Chris Grant for the bulk of high school. One of his greatest strengths is his understanding and appreciation of not just the music itself, but the methodology behind it. I was introduced to essential repertoire from vastly different cultures, composers, and time periods. I was taught mini music theory lessons in between playing and feedback, because I had mentioned that my school’s lack of a theory program had really bummed me out. I even learned how to make reeds completely from scratch, and basic but essential instrument repair and upkeep that schools simply do not cover. When it came time to prepare for college auditions, Chris worked with me on a plan tailored to my prospective choices, which he’d helped me narrow down. Chris is one of the most dedicated educators and musicians I’ve ever worked with, and I owe a large part of my success to his teaching.
​-Jason, recent VCU Department of Music graduate, Richmond VA


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