Clarinet Reeds Are No Mystery

Every lesson, every practice session, and every performance, clarinetists think about reeds. And because everything from cane harvesting conditions to the manufacturing process to the humidity of the performance venue can affect a reed's response, it's no wonder we spend so much time thinking about and bemoaning our reeds. But all clarinetists have the power to improve their reeds and all clarinetists can expect consistency when performing! Professional clarinetists as well as beginners will benefit from learning about reed maintenance and adjustment. In lessons, you can learn about what affects reed quality and adjust store-bought reeds. Additionally, the Grant Clarinet Studio is one of the only teaching studios in the DC metro area fully equipped to allow students make clarinet reeds entirely from scratch. From cane to clarinet: You can be a clarinet reed expert!


Watch Mrs. Grant Make A Clarinet Reed:

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* Reed lessons are not available as a complimentary trial lesson.

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